How to Choose the Right Scanner for Your Home or Business

We get it. Scanners aren’t everyone’s passion in life. More often than not, you find that you have a need for a scanner but not much information on what exactly would work best for your situation. Are you a small business? A big one? Do you just need a scanner for your home for every now and then projects? There is a plethora of scanner options, and it can be overwhelming to anyone not well-versed in scanner lingo.

There are so many different features offered on so many different machines, but the first step in choosing the right scanner is deciding what type of scanner will work best for you or your business.

Cue breakdown of different types of  scanners!

  • Hanhandheld scannerdheld Scanners:  If you are constantly on the go, but need a scanner to tag along with you, handheld scanners are for you. They are small, super portable, and easy to use. The drawbacks, though,  are that they may not give you the best image quality, and it may take multiple passes through the scanner to scan the entire document.
  • portable scannerPortable scanners:  Like handheld scanners, portable scanners are ideal for people who are often out of the home/office, but still need scanning capabilities. They offer the ability to scan entire documents in one pass, and many have the ability to scan double-sided papers. Depending on the model, the image quality of your scans can be surprisingly high.
  • sheetfed scannerSheet-fed scanners:  Sheet-fed scanners are ideal for high volumes of loose pages. They’re not huge machines, so they are often put to use in small businesses or homes. Sheet-fed scanners allow you to put in a certain number of loose pages (the number depends on the model), press scan, and then leave while the scanner does the work for you.
  • flatbed scannerFlatbed Scanners: Flatbed scanners are most likely what you imagine when you think of a typical scanner. They’re bigger and heavier than the other types we’ve gone over, and they have a hood that you raise up which exposes the glass you do your scanning on. They’re the most commonly used scanner in offices and homes because they can scan basically anything. Books, magazines, art, flowers, you name it, as long as it fits on the glass, it can be scanned. Because of their versatility, these will be the most expensive “everyday” scanners on the market. Some flatbed scanners come with sheet-fed capabilities, which basically just combines the good things about sheet-fed and flatbed scanners, but those will be even more expensive.

There are other, more specialized scanners available, but this list gives you a pretty comprehensive look at the “normal, every-day” scanners your home or business could benefit from.

Once you’ve figured out the type of scanner you want, check out our post on helping you decide what features you’ll need!

If you’re looking to buy a scanner, but you are wary about how pricey they can be, try checking out our online store that has many professionally refurbished scanners!


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