How to Clean your Scanner

Scanners can be so expensive; depressingly, infuriatingly expensive. Just as you get regular oil changes to keep your car running like new, routine cleaning of your scanner can help it continue to perform at high levels as well as save your wallet from unnecessary scanner-related expenses.

That being said, it can be incredibly intimidating to mess around with technology that you don’t have any experience with. I have absolutely zero car knowledge, and thus even when I’m in need of the smallest, easiest repair, I’m off to the mechanic. Similarly, many people would prefer to just pay a fee for a new part here or there instead of risking messing up the entire scanner.

Luckily, I’m here to empower you! Scanners are nothing to be afraid of, and simple upkeep and cleaning is easy as pie. Here’s a step-by-step on how to quickly and safely clean your scanner:

  1. Unplug the power cord. No-brainer, obviously, but it’s a step easy to forget. Not that you’re going to do anything to get you electrocuted (hopefully), but better safe than sorry.
  2. Open the lid so you can see the glass. See? This is easy.
  3. Use a soft towel or wipe (something that won’t leave debris when cleaning the glass) and some rubbing alcohol to clean the glass surface, making sure any dust or grime is loosened and set free. Our certified technicians almost exclusively use rubbing alcohol when cleaning scanners here at Imaging Systems. It works. But, be sure not to have the towel dripping with the rubbing alcohol–just put enough on there to make it damp but not sopping. You don’t want the liquid to seep into the inside of the scanner (see step 1).
  4. Do the same on the inside of the lid (the part that touches the glass when it’s closed).
  5. Does your scanner have a transparency lamp? It could llampook something like this—————————————–>                 If it does, just rub that down with your towel and rubbing alcohol too.  This will help ensure your scans don’t have streaks. No transparency lamp? No problem, moving right along.
  6. Last but not least, use a dry (and again, debris-free) towel to wipe up any moisture remaining on the scanner. Close the lid, plug ‘er back in, and you’re set!

See how easy that was? Routine cleanings of your scanner can save you so much time, money, and stress in the future, and when it’s so simple you’d be crazy to not do it.

Have a microfilm scanner that you’re not sure how to clean? Stay tuned for another blog post on how to care for a microfilm or microfiche reader or scanner. Happy cleaning!


3 responses to “How to Clean your Scanner

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  2. I like the simplicity of your instructions. It is not written in a technical manner. Good job!

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