Troubleshooting Microfilm Machines

office-space-fax-machineMicrofilm readers and printers can be finicky. Sometimes they just need to be cleaned, other times you need a new lens or roller, and worst of all, occasionally you need to buy a new machine altogether. Fortunately, many times a reader/printer’s problem has a simple, cost-free solution. So, before you go Office Space on your machine, see if these easy trouble-shooting tips can help you.

These tips come from a Minolta RP 605Z machine, but many of the solutions can be used for most microform readers and printers.

Problem: My machine won’t turn on.                                                                                       Solution: Make sure the side door that gives you access to the printer/toner is closed all the way.

Problem: Paper jam.                                                                                                               Solution: When you loaded the paper in the printer, did you put the metal spring clip above the newly loaded paper? If not, go try that. If that didn’t work, are you sure you’re using the right size of paper? Check with your machine’s manual to ensure you have the right size for your machine.

Problem: It won’t load the microfilm or microfiche.                                                         Solution: Your machine needs to be turned on in order to load the microfilm. It’s on? Okay, well are you sure that your machine is compatible with your microform? Some only read microfilm, some only read microfiche, and some read both. Consult your handy manual…or the internet.

Problem: I’m pressing the load button, but it won’t work.                                       Solution: Try loading the film manually. Here’s a video of how to load the film. Instead of pushing the load button in the film, try and work the film through yourself.

Problem: I can’t focus or zoom.                                                                                       Solution: Try taking out the lens then putting it back in to make sure it’s installed correctly.

Problem: The screen’s brightness is uneven or too dark.                                               Solution: Check the lens to make sure it is clean and properly installed. Not sure how to clean your lens? Here’s a how-to. 

Hopefully your problem was one of the “simple solution” variety. If not, give us a call at (608) 276-5559 and we’ll see if we can help you get your machine running like new!


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  1. It is really good to know basic troubleshooting to respond quickly when necessary. Thanks for this post.

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