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Better Ways to Spend Your Money Than a Crazy-Expensive Scanner

Scanners are expensive. The price of a new scanner, though, is downright ridiculous. For example, a new Bell & Howell Ngenuity line scanner can run you upwards of $33,000! Insane. We’ve got some ideas for other, we think better, ways to spend that money.

As I said, a new Ngenuity scanner can cost you $33,000. On the other hand, Imaging Systems offers professionally refurbished (that means working like new!) Spectrum XF line scanners for $6,000–this price also includes a Windows 7-compatible workstation AND assisted set-up!

So, that leaves you with $27,000 left over. We have a few ideas of great ways to spend that extra cash…

1. $27,000 buys you 27 Sibesiberian husky puppiesrian Husky puppies! TWENTY SEVEN. Just look at those faces. NOW MULTIPLY THAT BY 5 (and add two more)! Definitely better than just one Ngenuity scanner. Although. Puppies are a lot of work, and no human has enough energy to tire out 27 Husky puppies. Trust me.

2. $27,000 buys you about 3 of Crazy Expensive Cocktailthese “The Maestro” drinks. That’s right. Each drink is almost $9,000. It’s made with cognac, Kummel Liquer, Dubb Orange Curacao, and Angostura Bitters, and, I’d assume, a dash of Unicorn tears and stardust.

3. $27,000 buys you this red high heel Giant Red High Heel Sculpturesculpture. It’s a steal at 24,000! Why is this even a thing? On the bright side, with that extra 3 grand, you can buy a couple of those Siberian Husky puppies! Or 3,000 boxes of Mac ‘n Cheese. Your choice.

4. $27,000 buys you FOUR more of an Imaging Systems refurbished Spectrum XF line scanner (again, including a Windows 7-compatible work stat8120DBion and assisted set-up). And that leaves you some cash left over, if you really want an office puppy. Think about it. You could have a quick scanner in every room (or, every floor) AND a few cute little friends to hang around the office. Case closed. No contest.

Case in point, there are so many better things to spend your business’ money on than a crazy expensive scanner, especially when there are other similar-quality options out there for literally a fraction of the price. Call us up at Imaging Systems at (608) 276-5559 or check out our online store if you want to know more!

Pansonic KV S1025C Scanner Review

 The Panasonic KV S1025C scanner is a great little scanner that packs a big punch. It could be perfect for any small business! Let’s get into the details!

Panasonic KV S1025C


  • 12.5 in. x 8.5 in. x 7.8 in.
  • 9.3 lbs.
  • This scanner is perfect if you have very limited space. It’s compact and lightweight, making it easy to move around.

Scan Resolution:

  • 600 DPI.
  • Great resolution, especially for such a small scanner.
  • Any text documents will look clean and crisp. Images will be good, but not great.


  • 26 PPM
  • Not super quick. Still, one page every other second is acceptable.
  • If you have mountains and mountains of papers to scan every day, then the KV S1025C may not be right for your business. If you just have casual scanning, though, the speed won’t make a difference.


  • Minimum 1.9 in. x 2.8 in.
  • Maximum 8.5 in. x 100 in.
  • Basically, you can scan anything as long as it’s not too thick or wide.

Other Features:

  • Automatic document feeder (ADF) with 50 sheet capacity.
  • Ability to handle many different types of paper.
  • Double feed prevention roller system.

Overall Rating: 8/10

The KV S1025C has so many great qualities that are perfect for any small business. Here are its highlights:

  • Super compact. The dimensions and weight of this scanner are unbeatable. It can fit anywhere, and is light enough that anyone can move it around with ease.
  • Scan resolution. It can be hard to find a scanner that has great scan resolution while not taking up an entire room by itself. The KV S1025C does just that. At 600 DPI, this scanner will give great text (and image) scans.
  • Freedom to scan! For not having a flatbed glass to scan on, you still have incredible freedom in what you’re scanning. Yes, it still needs to be paper-based, but the length you can scan is crazy.

Why didn’t it get 10/10? A couple issues:

  • The speed. I know I said that unless you have mounds of paperwork, it won’t make a difference. And I stand by that. But maybe you do have mounds of paperwork. Or maybe you’re just really impatient. Either way, 26 PPM is definitely on the low-end and can’t be overlooked.
  • The lack of fun extras. It’s a straight-up scanner, and I can respect that. But lack of OCR software, a digital display panel, or basically any other “fun” add-on brings it down a notch. Competitors have some of these fun things, so it’s another issue that, though small, can’t be overlooked.

The Panasonic KV S1025C scanner could be perfect for your business. It has tons of great things going for it, with only minor issues to get around. If you’re looking for one, they’re sold on Ebay and ScannerParts.Biz.

5 Questions to Ask if Your Scanner or Microfilm Machine is Broken

Are there any IT Crowd fans out there? Anyone who works with computers for a living will definitely appreciate the show’s ultra-nerdy tech humor! The two main characters work as IT employees in the basement of a corporate business, and as a running joke throughout the series, the first thing they always ask customers is, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

I immediately thought of the show  while talking with one of our technicians here at Imaging Systems this afternoon. I asked him what would be the first thing somebody should do if their computer or office machine isn’t working properly. He replied, very assuredly, “They should try turning it off and on again.” Luckily he’s also a fan of the show, so when I started laughing there wasn’t any awkward what’s-wrong-with-you silence on his part.

But seriously, how often has simply turning something on and off again fixed a technical issue? I’ll raise my hand without shame — I was an English major in college, so without a doubt I belong to the percentage of customers that IT people make witty jokes about over beers at the local pub. You know who you are!  For those of you having problems with your at home or office scanners/microfilm machines,  who are also like me and electronics continue to baffle them, fear no more! The Imaging System technicians have combined their knowledgeable brains and created some handy dandy questions to ask yourselves before kicking the machine square in the caboose:

    Scanner Machine:

  1. Have you unplugged the scanner yet and plugged it back in? Try this: unplug the machine, count to 15, and then plug it back in.
  2. Does the scanner offer an error message? If so, try searching for the error message online — more often than not there will be a public forum with answers on how to fix that particular error.
  3.  Restart the computer your scanner is hooked up to. Yes, turning it off and on again (had to throw that in there).
  4. Are the scanned images cloudy or do you see lines running up and down the paper? This may mean the scanner glass needs to be cleaned. Our technicians recommend using alcohol on cotton balls to clean the glass.
  5. Does the printer that your scanner uses spit out paper or constantly jam? Either of these signs might indicate that the printer rollers need to be taken out and cleaned thoroughly.

     Microfilm Machine:

  1.  Same as above, have you unplugged the machine and plugged it back in? Try this: unplug the machine, count to 15, and then plug it back in.
  2. Are the microfilm bulb(s) plugged/twisted in all the way? Sometimes they can become loose!
  3. Is the microfilm lens seated properly? Similar to the lamps, lenses can easily become loose or tilted.
  4. Do the images look cloudy? Do you see lines or fuzzy dots? These may be indications that the microfilm mirrors need to be cleaned. Make sure to also check that the lens is in focus.
  5. Do the images look too dark? You may need to replace the bulbs.

Hope these questions help to bring your machine back to working shape! For all other questions please feel free to contact our tech support team: 1-800-830-9934