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Better Ways to Spend Your Money Than a Crazy-Expensive Scanner

Scanners are expensive. The price of a new scanner, though, is downright ridiculous. For example, a new Bell & Howell Ngenuity line scanner can run you upwards of $33,000! Insane. We’ve got some ideas for other, we think better, ways to spend that money.

As I said, a new Ngenuity scanner can cost you $33,000. On the other hand, Imaging Systems offers professionally refurbished (that means working like new!) Spectrum XF line scanners for $6,000–this price also includes a Windows 7-compatible workstation AND assisted set-up!

So, that leaves you with $27,000 left over. We have a few ideas of great ways to spend that extra cash…

1. $27,000 buys you 27 Sibesiberian husky puppiesrian Husky puppies! TWENTY SEVEN. Just look at those faces. NOW MULTIPLY THAT BY 5 (and add two more)! Definitely better than just one Ngenuity scanner. Although. Puppies are a lot of work, and no human has enough energy to tire out 27 Husky puppies. Trust me.

2. $27,000 buys you about 3 of Crazy Expensive Cocktailthese “The Maestro” drinks. That’s right. Each drink is almost $9,000. It’s made with cognac, Kummel Liquer, Dubb Orange Curacao, and Angostura Bitters, and, I’d assume, a dash of Unicorn tears and stardust.

3. $27,000 buys you this red high heel Giant Red High Heel Sculpturesculpture. It’s a steal at 24,000! Why is this even a thing? On the bright side, with that extra 3 grand, you can buy a couple of those Siberian Husky puppies! Or 3,000 boxes of Mac ‘n Cheese. Your choice.

4. $27,000 buys you FOUR more of an Imaging Systems refurbished Spectrum XF line scanner (again, including a Windows 7-compatible work stat8120DBion and assisted set-up). And that leaves you some cash left over, if you really want an office puppy. Think about it. You could have a quick scanner in every room (or, every floor) AND a few cute little friends to hang around the office. Case closed. No contest.

Case in point, there are so many better things to spend your business’ money on than a crazy expensive scanner, especially when there are other similar-quality options out there for literally a fraction of the price. Call us up at Imaging Systems at (608) 276-5559 or check out our online store if you want to know more!

Unconventional Ways to Use a Scanner: The Teachers Edition!


It’s time for another edition of Unconventional Ways to Use a Scanner! So. Exciting. But really, it is. This time, we’re going through some ways that our most important work-force, educators, can use scanners to better their classrooms. There are endless ways to utilize scanners in the classroom, but we’ve picked our favorites for you!

  • Use your scanner to build up kids’ self-esteem. Once a week, make a child in your classroom feel special by scanning their amazing drawing (so they can have the original) and hanging it in your room. By the end of the year, you’ll have a wall full of artwork that will make everyone in your class feel special and valued!

child artwork

  • Use your scanner to keep parents informed and involved. Incorporate projects from the week into a newsletter or email to give parents a more in-depth look at what’s going on in the classroom. Using a scanner allows you to do this without ruining little Cindy’s project!
  • Let your kids have fun exploring small objects while learning. Scan and enlarge a leaf so they can see the up-close details during science. Scan and enlarge a quarter, dime, nickle, and penny when learning about money. The possibilities are endless, and it’s a great way to get kids interested!

close-up of pennyclose-up of leaf





  • Keep yourself organized and ready for parent-teacher conferences by creating a folder on your computer for each child at the beginning of the year. When they have a great (or not so great) quiz, homework, art project, you name it, scan it and throw it in the folder!
  • Show the kids how they’ve grown by scanning their hands at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year. They’ll love it, and it’ll be a great way to say goodbye for summer!

child handprint

We know teachers are on a tight budget already, but scanners can be extremely economical, especially when you won’t need a super high-tech one for the classroom. Check out our online store for refurbished scanners that are less expensive and still work like new!